Fitbit Charge 3: One Month Progress Update

Last month, Casey and I bought Fitbits so that we could begin tracking our daily activity with the goal of leading a less sedentary lifestyle. After one month of daily use, I am happy to report that we have achieved visible results. While we made use of all the tracker’s features, the extent varied accordingContinue reading “Fitbit Charge 3: One Month Progress Update”

Fitbit Charge 3: First Impressions

If you’ve read my previous post about losing baby weight, you’d know that I am a total stranger to exercise. Thus far, I have maintained a normal weight through diet. I lost the baby weight mainly through breastfeeding and moderating my food intake. This year though, I want to start some form of regular exercise,Continue reading “Fitbit Charge 3: First Impressions”

Ode to my General

From the first foray Armour was cast aside like clothes in a frenzy White flags raised Sighs surrendered in honour of a love that could Breathe So unlike past lovers, tepid desire Festering discontent Poison buds whispered caution Ignored at first but impossible to make history Transient cadets were just parlay for You, bastion ofContinue reading “Ode to my General”