Wolf at 18 Months

Wolf turns 1 and 1/2 years old today, and he has become so interesting to observe! He toddles around really fast, he can identify more than ten parts of his body, he can catch a ball, and he voraciously eats almost any food we offer! One of the things I am most happy about isContinue reading “Wolf at 18 Months”

Mommy Brains are Not Dull Brains

Recently, a relative asked me when I plan on returning to work. I said that Casey and I haven’t really discussed a timeline, especially since we have not had a helper stay long enough for me to consider working full-time again. He then said that I haven’t worked for so long, and I might goContinue reading “Mommy Brains are Not Dull Brains”

Beating the Heat with a Vornado Air Circulator!

Many people love to be around babies, but if you’re taking care of one night and day, it can get boring, especially in the early months. At first, they really aren’t capable of doing much. Sleep, eat, poo, pee, drool, burp, repeat. But as they get older, they begin to pick up more skills, andContinue reading “Beating the Heat with a Vornado Air Circulator!”

Babywearing is Love!

I would say that one of the baby products I have found most useful thus far is the baby carrier. Especially when Wolf was less than a year old, I brought him around in a carrier more often than in a stroller. Parents love baby carriers because it allows them to carry babies hands-free (akaContinue reading “Babywearing is Love!”

My Unpleasant Breastfeeding Experience at Venice Piazza

In the Philippines, most people are quite supportive of mothers who nurse in public. A mother has the right to breastfeed anywhere and in any manner she chooses. Our law safeguards this right. One of the objectives of RA 10028 is “to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the Philippines as the normal, natural andContinue reading “My Unpleasant Breastfeeding Experience at Venice Piazza”