Why I Love My Li’l Kash Pump Bag

For the tiniest people in the household, babies sure need a truckload of stuff. From layers and layers of clothing, to diapers, to alcohol and wet wipes, leaving the house with a baby is a major operation. One advantage of being a breastfeeding mom is that unlike formula-feeding moms, you don’t need to bring bottles,Continue reading “Why I Love My Li’l Kash Pump Bag”

Wolf’s Adorable Newborn Photos 

Recently, I wrote about our fun maternity shoot experience. We were so happy with the shoot that we decided to book Ida again for Wolf’s newborn shoot. A newborn shoot is a relatively new concept, wherein a baby is photographed very early on in their life. In Wolf’s case, we had his shoot when heContinue reading “Wolf’s Adorable Newborn Photos “

Wolf’s Baptism and Burger Bash

Last February 19, 2017, Wolf was baptized into the Catholic faith. It was his first ever party, and so I wanted it to be special, but I also didn’t want to break the bank. I wanted to stay within our budget of P40,000 yet still have a memorable event. I’m happy to report that IContinue reading “Wolf’s Baptism and Burger Bash”

My Confidence-Boosting Maternity Shoot

In the early months of my pregnancy with Wolf, I hemmed and hawed over scheduling a maternity shoot. I am normally not camera shy, but I am pretty sensitive about my weight. I wasn’t sure that documenting a particularly weighty (in more ways than one) time in my life would be a good idea. Eventually,Continue reading “My Confidence-Boosting Maternity Shoot”

Giving Birth at St. Luke’s Global: The Good and the Bad

St. Luke’s is widely known in the Philippines for being one of the best, not to mention one of the most expensive, hospitals. I claim to be peso savvy, and so you may ask why I chose to give birth there. Let me clarify that when I say I am peso savvy, I do notContinue reading “Giving Birth at St. Luke’s Global: The Good and the Bad”