Exercise, Take 2

Last year, I posted about our desire to lead a less sedentary lifestyle. Well, we did our daily brisk walking for a few months, but we weren’t able to stay consistent once the holiday rush kicked in, because we started getting more work then.

This year, the pandemic struck, and we became even more sedentary during the quarantine. I knew that we needed to make changes soon if we wanted Wolf to develop good habits. So I decided that we will start exercising again as a family.

I started searching for indoor exercises, and came across basic workouts and HIIT exercises for kids. So that is what we are starting with. And we are aiming, for now, to put in a modest 40 min per week of vigorous exercise.

Yesterday, we took pictures that will serve as our “before pictures,” because of course, we hope to look different after starting our exercises again and eating more veggies! Wish us luck!

Current weight: 44 kg
Thanks, Decathlon, for my very first sports bra purchase. Better late than never! Haha!
Wolf wanted to join his dad.
Current weight: 83 kg
He’s really working it. 🙄
Current weight: 14.8 kg
Current height: 3’1

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