A New Name

I woke up this morning, and in my extremely groggy state, one thought entered my mind, but it was so piercingly clear that I acted on it immediately—I needed to change my blog’s name.

I stopped posting for almost a year, mostly because I got very busy. But when I woke up this morning, I had a lightbulb moment, wherein I realized that I had come to resent my blog name. The name “peso savvy mommy” to me felt so alien, so foreign, so not me. Although the phrase described me, it was just a role of mine, one of the hats I wear. It felt limiting on most days. On bad days, it felt suffocating.

I’ve written before about how being a parent is so life-changing. You can really lose yourself. It’s always been in my character to dedicate myself to my work, but when that work is another human being, it’s hard to draw the line between your child’s progress and your own personal progress. If the former is the only thing that gets your attention, it can create an imbalance that’s not healthy for you or your family.

Having a kid attached to you 24/7 can get pretty tough!

For the past year, I’ve been working on balancing my time between nurturing my son and embarking on endeavors for my own development and sanity as well. I played my violin more, started a business, got into baking and cooking, and enjoyed a few baby-free nights. Technically, most of what I did was still ultimately for the benefit of my family as it provided additional income. But it made me feel personally fulfilled in a way that looking after Wolf the whole day could not. The thing about child-rearing is that it can get very monotonous especially in the early years. And many days it may feel like you’re not getting anywhere (even if you really are achieving a lot)!

I needed to hone and learn skills that made me feel like me again, and I’m happy that now I’m generally feeling much better. I’ve reclaimed my own identity and with it, I just knew instinctively that my blog name had to change. It was a reminder of how I boxed myself in a mold that never quite fit or felt right, because I am more than a thrifty mother.

And so I’ve decided to change this blog’s name to one that I feel better represents me and is more encompassing—“wild dream junkie.” Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved dreaming, both while asleep and awake. It’s almost like an addiction. Many times, I wake up then purposefully go back to sleep to continue my dream (like in the movie “Inception”). My vivid dreams help me process my emotions, which most of the time are through the roof and need thorough processing. Haha. My dreams also inspire many of my actions in real life. They influence my decisions. I definitely am a heavy dreamer. My most memorable milestones are marked by when the best of my dreams become reality.

The change in my blog’s name also marks for me a change in my outlook, a change that’s been a year in the making and is acknowledged and celebrated today. Taking care of myself is necessary so that I can take care of others. Here’s to more dreaming and doing, for me and for you who are reading this now. Thanks for taking some time to read this small update on my life. I hope you and your loved ones are safe, content, and in the best of physical and mental health. ❤️

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